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Free Technical Business Survey

Why is it free? 
To be really effective for any business, we need to understand a bit about your business, (and we always have a non-disclosure agreement available). 

So, the best way to gain efficient delivery of the best services is to do a quick but thorough review of the essential business processes and systems. 

What's involved?
The sort of thing we will look at depends upon the size and type of your business but broadly covers the following:

  • Computers, peripherals and their use, along with data and filing systems
  • Networking, broadband supplier, printers.
  • Mobile working, colaborative working
  • Backup and restore processes
  • Core business software and functions such as accounting or specialist administration or control systems
  • Basic organisation of the business and who does what in broad terms
  • Customer base and how you deal with them on a day to day basis
  • Marketing tools / help that you may use
  • What you are intending to do in the future that may affect the internal working of the business.

From this we can advise on the essential issue, highlight any core deficiencies and suggest potential ways for you to improve the efficiency of the business using different processes or new technology opportunities.

John Phillips carries out the surveys. His business experience from many years of business consultancy is significant. (See Background ). His ideas have saved some companies thousands of pounds just in installation costs. He shall always be straightforward & honest with you – if he thinks something can be improved it shall be clearly stated and explained.

This work will also provide some time to get to know the people involved – and you are able to consider if we are the sort of business you would like to help you on a longer term basis. 

Please note that Performance Computing does not enter into long-term contracts.  All work is undertaken on a (cost effective) hourly rate basis where we will provide a maximum time for a specific job to enable you to budget sensibly and judge the value to your business.  However, if the time we spend is less, then you get charged for the lower amount.

Our hourly rates are one of the lowest in the region for business computing.

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please call John Phillips on
07831 373 871
(or 01494 564251)

South Buckinghamshire including - High Wycombe, Amersham, Beaconsfield, Chalfonts, Chesham, Slough, Aylesbury, Maidenhead, Marlow, Gerrards X,