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Networking & File Sharing

File systems (like the paper ones!) can get into a mess. 

Simple networking using one of your desktop systems as a file server or by using a networked storage system is often all you need for efficient and effective central file storage for a small business.

Add to this an automatic backup to another hard drive (perhaps on another machine, or standalone), and this will provide a first level of safety for your data, creating a simple but effective solution.

For additional data security it is always necessary to have a reliable off-site data backup. A simple but effective method is simply to write your backup data to a DVD. These are cheap and your business should have multiple historic data copies in case of corruption or loss of data files and all held off-site.

The Cloud

Sharing may also be accomplished via the ‘cloud’.  This not only applies to files but also to diaries, photos, project management tasks and similar. 

One of the drawbacks in the UK for cloud computing is the current limited ‘upload’ internet speed.  So, to get sensible file sharing using the cloud needs some consideration and planning.  BT’s Infinity and PlusNet's Fibre (the preferred supplier) have increased upload speed, and this may be worth considering as fibre is becoming available to many areas.

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