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Core issues that really do need to be considered, we know that these are obvious but many businesses ‘don’t get around to it’ and they can bite!


Should be easy and simple – or they won’t get done.  Make sure that you have your ‘irreplaceable files’ on CD’s or DVD’s and take them off-site.

Internet security

You can only do so much here – even the CIA suggests that their people can only find a proportion of the rogue viruses and attacks.  BAE systems as you may be aware has been infiltrated by the Chinese for 3 years!  They stole the whole design and electronic systems of the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter apparently!

How to Keep safe - so this needs to be worked backwards.  Take the position that your systems will be compromised and then consider what this will mean as a risk to personal security and business security.

Simple business continuity planning

This can be extraordinary simple.  Best practice builds it into the way the systems are put together, this is how we try to do it.  With a little forethought the ‘disaster’ will not hamper your profit margin or significantly increase your stress unnecessarily.

Which Internet Provider?

This is one of the main sources of frustration when things go wrong.  The adage ‘it has always worked fine’ is simply not good enough.  Eventually, it will go wrong and then you will be tearing you hair out unless you have chosen the right supplier.  We can advise; there are some good options but they are fewer than you may realise.

New opportunities

Even for people like myself with a wealth of business and IT experience, the changes to technology and the resulting changes to marketing methods, customer systems, web shops, home working, sharing, business networking and collaboration tools are enough to make your head spin!
Our free technical business survey will highlight potential opportunities using the new bits of technology that work well and are cost effective (this is quite different from what ‘large consultancies’ would suggest!)

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