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Making a difference -

We believe this is crucial.   We don’t ever just want to do the ordinary, it is our nature to try to achieve the extraordinary.  Experience guides everything we do, it also enables us to stay away from the technology that simply doesn’t do ‘what is says on the tin’.

In what ways can we make a difference?

Some of the following may have a direct impact for your business:-

Simple systems that work – the holly grail - many times we see installations that should be fine, using equipment from major manufacturers, installed correctly, best know antivirus, quality printers – but with an unnecessary complexity that will, eventually, make you pay dearly.
This may be in lost time or in frustration or just in being inefficient for everyone in the business.  There is no need for this inherent complexity – the ‘large companies’ (Microsoft, HP et al) want to push you down this route for their own marketing purposes.  Our work for your business achieves quite the opposite – simplicity with smart working, at less cost.

New ways of working - new ways of doing business – networking, sharing diaries, accessing your key files and using simple office tools - where ever you are in the world is now possible at low cost.

Improving your customers viewpoint – simple ideas and implementations can enhance you customers view of your business, perhaps making the difference for them to stay with you rather than drift off onto a competitor.

Mobile computing - experience helps us find the best strategy for you. It can be costly and frustrating when you are unable to work effectively when on the move, let us help you find the best way forward.

Downtime in event of a computer failure – if one or more of your systems goes down we have specialist tools to provide quick ‘repair’.  Even in very small business, to get a computer fully working after a major rebuild, with accounting, email, specialist software, office software etc etc can take many hours or even a day or so.

Reduced purchase & maintenance costs – ‘simple’ is always best for IT systems.  There are many new ways of working that have very low overhead.  An example of this is moving away from complex central server systems – they rarely make sense anymore.

Securing your data - Backing-up quickly and safely – even today many businesses fail this test. We can easily and cost effectively help to ensure the safety of your day to day data.

Internet access – we understand which providers are worthwhile for continuity of service and cost effectiveness, please let us advise you.

Which systems, printers, phones, screens, accounts packages etc? - It is always difficult buying technical systems, unless you are doing this regularly and have specific up to date knowledge, it can be difficult - please let us advise you.

Networking, marketing & lead generation - technology is now at the cutting edge of sales creation and marketing. It really is a new world and unless you leverage these new highly cost effective networking and sales generation tools your business is now at a significant disadvantage. These include an effective web presence, blogs, newsletters, email marketing, linkedin, twittter, facebook, google ads, local online network groups. We see this as part and parcel of a good IT strategy and can advise you on the relevant issues that specifically match your business.

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