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John Phillips

This computing business developed out of client requirements from my consulting work.  During the late 80’s and 90’s business consultancy work highlighted the need for more cost efficient computing and networking for smaller businesses.  I developed new systems using small business servers to provide a wide range of central computing, file sharing, communication, home working, and shared resources.  These systems were a fraction of the price of the larger systems used by big business but provided very similar functions.

During the next fifteen years I ran the computing business and consultancy work in tandem adding value for my clients businesses.  I still do some consultancy work but these days. This is mainly what I would term ‘mentoring’ for senior business people to help them maintain direction and provide a focus for change.  See my consultancy web site

Business & Consultancy

I have been exceedingly fortunate.  Consultancy work has provided an amazing journey of discovery.  During 25 years of working within the consultancy industry I have undertaken hundreds of detailed studies encompassing many business sectors.  Some of these have been small businesses, some larger and a few very large organisations. My background started within business, firstly in the Print Industry (after gaining an honours degree in Printing Technology), moving through sales and marketing positions (Polaroid) and then full time in IT based companies. Various consultancy work honed this general business and IT experience over many years.

For me, Computing and IT has always been a means to an end, it is only useful if it adds significant value and proves useable.  The work done now for my clients is completely different computing power to when this business started, no longer is there a need for central (eg large servers) along with the attendant high installation and maintenance costs.

The consultancy and business background provides a wealth of real world business experience with a good understanding in the following business areas:

  • IT & computing
  • Implementation of accounting, costing and stock systems
  • Finance, management accounting and reporting
  • Purchasing and contracts
  • Personnel systems and relevant law
  • Risk analysis, management and mitigation
  • Management development and leadership processes
  • Coaching and mentoring
  • Sales & Marketing

On a personal note, I am an active in sports and well-being and do like socialising over a pint.






























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